Kimbo Slice Faces Dada 5000, Brings Backyard Brawls to Bellator 149

Stephen Douglas

Kimbo will fight Dada 5000, another former street brawler, at Bellator 149 tonight on SpikeTV. Dada 5000 whose real name is Dhafir Harris, was featured in the Billy Corbin directed Netflix documentary, Dawg Fight. After spending a few years boxing, Kimbo Slice returned to the cage to knock out a 51-year old Ken Shamrock last summer. Now the street fight world has come full circle.

How excited are you, the common sports fan, to see the most high-profile backyard brawl of all-time. And it’s free! The odds that we see fireworks are… well… just look at Harris hitting pads this week.

As far as I know, that was video was not slowed down. This should be something else.

Best of all, there is apparently an absurd amount of action on this fight. An absurdly questionable amount even!

That’s right. So either there’s a work coming or there are some people very bad with their money in Las Vegas. OK, I guess that isn’t that far-fetched.

Meanwhile, Kimbo’s former opponent, the now 52-year old Ken Shamrock, will fight 49-year old Royce Gracie in Royce’s first fight since June 2007. No, that is not a typo.