Kimberly Guilfoyle's Newsmax Interview Got Off to an Awkward Start


Kimberly Guilfoyle appeared on Greg Kelly's Newsmax show last week for an interview about how Donald Trump is absolutely killing it right now. She's not exactly the most impartial person on this particular subject since she's engaged to Donald Trump Jr., but that was news to Kelly who awkwardly introduced Guilfoyle as a Trump family "confidant" and called Don Jr. her "beau." Guilfoyle seemed kind of annoyed, but was probably going to let it slide as the interview began until Kelly called Trump her "potential father-in-law."

"Potential? Future father-in-law. Jesus."

This was news to Kelly who seemed genuinely surprised, asking if the couple had a date before saying, "I didn't realize. There's a ring. Fantastic. That's great news."

Guilfoyle then held up her hand to show her ring and said that they had been engaged for two years, which is only accurate for a couple more months as Junior proposed on December 30, 2020. Kelly, knowing he had flubbed the small talk, did an expert job of turning things back on Don Jr. by hitting his desk and saying, "What's he waiting for?"

As weird as this was, if this is what sets the wheels in motion to get this wedding planned everyone involved will be thanking Kelly. Unfortunately, the groom's family has some other business to attend to next year so it seems like the engagement could continue to drag on.