Kid Rock's Advice for Tiger Woods: "People are Gonna Talk Sh*t. You Just Gotta Enjoy it!"

By Michael Shamburger

Even though he’s not on the course this weekend at the Honda Classic, Tiger Woods is still captivating audiences, mainly because people won’t stop talking about him. Recently, both Rickie Fowler and rock star Kid Rock, shared their thoughts on Woods.

Fowler spoke to GolfWeek at the Honda Classic, and said that he’d love to get into Woods’ wallet, like he did Phil Mickelson’s.

"“Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up with him, maybe add medalist, see if I can get in his wallet or something, help get him ready. Its fun to practice around him and play every once in a while. We definitely want to get him back. We want to get him back playing well and being healthy. He’s great for the game. We wouldn’t be in the position we are now with the title sponsors and the people involved in the game without him.”"

It’s great to see other professionals, especially a guy like Fowler – who was 9-years old when Tiger won his first Masters – offering to help him get through his issues.

"“Nice kid,” Rock says. “A little bit of an Eminem and Axl Rose syndrome. Very reclusive, literal, and sometimes you feel a little bad for them. Sometimes they think the world’s against them. You gotta loosen up, man! People are gonna talk shit. You just gotta enjoy it!”"

So there you have it, two more opinions on Tiger Woods, one from a golfer and one from … Kid Rock. Everyone has an opinion and no one knows what is going through Woods’ head right now. Maybe he just wants to spend more time with his kids, maybe he just needs to practice more (or less according to Colin Montgomerie) or maybe he really is done with golf for good. Hopefully it’s not the latter, because as Fowler said, “he’s great for the game.”

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