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Khloe Kardashian Reportedly a Topic Before Tristan Thompson-Draymond Green Fight


Long-simmering rumors of a fight between Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson spilled over into the mainstream yesterday. Dustup confirmed. The prevailing narrative had been that Green was surprised by an altercation materializing out of thin air.

In what would be best told by the late great storyteller Charlie Murphy, the ‘streets’ turned out to be the swanky Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood on July 18. Both Green and Thompson were guests of LeBron for this ultra-exclusive affair — which prohibited phones and cameras. None of the attendees expected the on-the-court drama to flare back up in this setting. “Which is why everyone was stunned when Thompson, according to sources, out of nowhere attacked Green. “No argument. No squaring up. No taking it outside. “‘It was a sucker punch,’ said one source who attended the party.

On today’s High Noon, however, Pablo Torre offered a different scenario, one gleaned from his sources and, honestly, less surprising than Green-as-peacemaker.

Torre reported Green was pestering Thompson at not one, but two locations before things got physical. And that the verbal volleys included cracks about Khloe Kardashian and LeBron James — two of the most important people in Thompson’s life.

Green needling a person until he snaps? We’ve seen it happen before and we’ll see it happen again. Maybe the next time these two want to throw down they’ll do the decent thing and ensure cameras are rolling so we can all enjoy it.