Khetag Pliev, MMA Fighter and Former Olympic Wrestler, Loses Finger During Fight (UPDATE: They Saved It!)

The guy on top lost a finger.
The guy on top lost a finger. /

Khetag Pliev lost a finger during a Cage Fury Fighting Championships fight on Thursday night. Pliev, a 37-year-old mixed martial artist who lives in Canada and represented Russia in the 2012 Olympics as a wrestler, had his ring finger ripped off during CFFC94, which was broadcast live on UFC Fight Pass.

The fight was stopped at the end of the second round when the referee finally saw Pliev's hand. Pliev's opponent, Devin Goodale,was named the winner of the fight as CM Punk and MMA Junkie's John Morgan, who were calling the event, were left trying to figure out exactly what they had just witnessed.

Here is video of the broadcasters trying to make sense of what happened.

After the fight ended people were looking for the finger, which may have been broken in the first round and then, well, yeah. Anyway, they apparently found the finger inside his glove. There is an image of Pliev's hand, which isn't that bad. Then there is video and and another picture which you probably don't want or need to see.

We will monitor the situation.

UPDATE: The finger has been reattached. If you open up this tweet there is a picture at the bottom of the thread.