Khari Johnson Commits Most Obvious Targeting Penalty in College Football History


Boston College and Pittsburgh are playing on ESPN Thursday night, and if you've ever wondered what an obvious targeting call looks like, BC defensive back Khari Johnson is here to be helpful. In the middle of the second quarter, Johnson committed the most obvious targeting penalty in college football history.

As Pitt's Malcolm Epps went to to grab a deep pass over the middle, Johnson lined him up and dove into the tight end with the crown of his helmet. He didn't even try to reach out with his arms, he intentionally drove his helmet into Epps' helmet.

Check it out:

Here's another look:

That's just dirty as hell. He literally planted both feet and dove helmet first into an opponent's head. There's no world in which that's OK. Frankly, Johnson should face a longer suspension than the normal targeting penalty. The ACC should look at this and suspended him for a few games.