Keyshawn Johnson Called Tony Romo One of the 'Most Diva-ish' Quarterbacks He's Ever Been Around

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Keyshawn Johnson had his first crack at the (virtual) seat across from Stephen A. Smith today. At one point Johnson started complaining about the different ways that the behavior of quarterbacks and wide receivers are perceived. To drive his point home Johnson told Stephen A. that Tony Romo was, "One of the most diva-ish dudes that I've ever been around at that position."

Just an absolute drive-by from an ESPN personality on CBS's star commentator. Johnson points out that when they were both on the Cowboys, Romo might have been on the practice squad, but he appears to have been a backup in 2004 and 2005 when Johnson was there.

Johnson played two of the final seasons of his career in Dallas catching 70 passes from Vinny Testaverde and 71 passes from Drew Bledsoe in the two middle years of the Bill Parcells era. Romo took over as starter after Johnson left.

This is not the first time Johnson has discussed his former teammate. In 2010 after Johnson had retired he called Romo average. Via the Dallas Morning News:

"The quarterback Tony Romo is a problem for me. You look at his fourth quarters. There is always something bad happening in the fourth quarter of tight games. What game can you remember him actually pulling out late in the fourth quarter."

A few years later he praised Romo.

Yet this is the first time he appears to have made the diva accusations. You have to wonder if he's just been holding it back all these years. As a reminder, Johnson, who complains that wide receivers would be crucified for some of the things quarterbacks did, released a book called "Just Give Me the Damn Ball" after the Jets went 1-15 in his rookie season.