Keyshawn Johnson: Tim Tebow Can't Play, Should 'Go Sit Down Somewhere'

Alex Menendez/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars, in their infinite wisdom, are planning on signing Tim Tebow to play tight end in the NFL. A perfectly normal situation in which Urban Meyer will call upon his former pupil and good friend to go out there in the most physically demanding league known to man and excel at a position the former quarterback hasn't played this century or any century for that matter. At the age of 33.

People are having reactions to the Tebow news. It feels like 2011 or 2012 all over again. You can practically hear the infectious melody of Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe pulsing around the eardrum.

Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams are two parties who are reacting, on their morning show with Alan Hahn. And folks, they see things a bit differently.

Johnson seems authentically exasperated that Tebow will be eating up a roster position that could be occupied by a younger player with a more dedicated and constant approach to football. Which is very understandable. If the returning prodigal son finds himself on the 53-man roster come time for meaningful football, it may necessitate an argument over the goals and motivation of Meyer and the new headline-seeking regime in North Florida.

Williams sees it a bit differently, believing that if someone is going to offer you a job doing something you love, that's on the employer. Output and relative fairness can fall where they may. And honestly, that hits a bit close to home as someone who has survived two decades in the blogging game even as more talented writers and editors have seen their opportunities dry up.

We can all agree that none of this seems merit-based or is even pretending to be. But hey, miracles can and do happen. Maybe we're all sitting here in a few months and Tebow is an in-demand fantasy option for a Jags side flirting with .500. You never know.