Keyshawn Johnson: Jets Will Trade No. 1 Pick to a Team That Needs Trevor Lawrence Like... the Patriots


It's been a long night for the American public and our brains can't be expected to fire on all cylinders this morning. But Keyshawn Johnson let one slip this morning that will have his former Jets teammates rolling their eyes as far back in their heads as humanly possible.

While dismissing the idea that the Dolphins, Giants, or Jets would take a quarterback early in the draft because all three drafted a QB in the Top 10 over the last three years, Johnson finished by presenting a scenario where the Jets would trade the No. 1 pick and the rights to draft Trevor Lawrence to the hated New England Patriots.

Here's the full quote.

"Sam Darnold's not going anywhere. What they're going to do with that No. 1 overall pick is they're going to move it for somebody else, and if somebody else wants him like the New England Patriots for instance, take him. Give us your next 10 drafts No. 1 picks. If you believe that he's the next guy, then take him. "

Uh, Key, I got news for you. After two decades of purgatory watching Tom Brady destroy them and the rest of the NFL, the Jets wouldn't trade the No. 1 pick and the right to draft Trevor Lawrence to the Patriots for 30 No. 1 picks. No way, no how. They just got out from under the Tom Brady rock. No way they're going to dig themselves under a Trevor Lawrence one next.

Here's the full clip for more context. Johnson's point about the Jets and Patriots starts at the 1:35 mark.

Can't kill Johnson for his opinion here. The Dolphins drafting another QB in 2021 after using the No. 5 pick in 2020 on Tua Tagovailoa makes no sense, and I wrote yesterday why Daniel Jones is just like Eli Manning at this point in their careers, so perhaps the Giants show patience. But the Jets seem primed to trade Darnold this offseason and pick Lawrence if he enters the draft. Even if they do keep Darnold and trade the pick, the last team they would send it to is the Patriots.