Kevin Ware Was Driving a $25,000 2013 Dodge Challenger When He Got a Ticket Going 95 in a 45

By Jason McIntyre

Kevin Ware, the Louisville guard who suffered a gruesome broken leg in the Elite 8, was pulled over by police going 95 miles per hour in a 45-mph zone on October 26th. The only reason people know about this? Because Ware missed his court appearance today. WHAS11 in Louisville first reported the news, which has already secondary to this delicious detail: The vehicle Ware was driving. A 2013 Dodge Challenger. An entry-level Dodge Challenge can be had for about $25k.

That’s an awfully nice ride for Ware to be tooling around with. The last time a high profile college basketball player was caught behind the wheel of a nice ride, it turned into quite the kerfuffle. The NCAA got involved in the PJ Hairston case. Once someone uncovers the link between the Challenger and Ware – assuming there is one – the NCAA will probably give Louisville a call.

A Louisville spokesman said the vehicle Ware was driving belongs to a “friend of Ware’s who is a UL student.” Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio might have found the guy.

Here’s the speeding citation, via Matt Norlander of CBS Sports.

Well, this should be fun.

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