Kevin Harlan Can't Even Escape Paparazzi While Calling a Game in His Own Basement

Kevin Harlan, via Olivia Harlan Dekker
Kevin Harlan, via Olivia Harlan Dekker /

Kevin Harlan called Tuesday's Golden State Warriors - Sacramento Kings preseason game on TNT. It was your typical broadcast with Harlan alone in his basement, hundreds of miles away. Harlan's daughter, Olivia Harlan Dekker, like so many children this time of year, snuck downstairs to see what was the clatter when what to her wondering eyes should appear but WHAT A PLAY BY STEPH CURRY.

On the broadcast, Harlan would later joke that he and Grant Hill were working the game from their moms' basements. Olivia is probably old enough to remember when that was an insult.

Harlan, like so many people lucky enough to still be working, has been doing so from unusual locations in 2020. Last Christmas he was probably looking forward to another year of traveling the country, calling games in front of thousands of fans. A few months later he was sequestered in the NBA's Disney bubble. And now he's working from the basement.

No matter how many times we see something like this, it will not get less interesting. There's an NBA game being announced from downstairs by the pool table or wine cellar or whatever Harlan might have down there. The big question will be what will Harlan do when the holidays are over and the Christmas decorations have to go back in that corner. At some point this season we're going to catch someone sneaking to the kitchen for leftovers during a live shot.