Kevin Garnett Rips Timberwolves Owner Glen Taylor

Kevin Garnett at the 2020 NBA All-Star, Naismith Hall Of Fame Announcement
Kevin Garnett at the 2020 NBA All-Star, Naismith Hall Of Fame Announcement / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Kevin Garnett is not a fan of Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor. During an interview with The Athletic's Shams Charania, Garnett lit Taylor up, calling him a "snake," among other things. There's a lot of history between the two and it's mostly bad.

Garnett spent the first 12 seasons of his career in Minnesota, then returned to the team towards the end of his career. He was traded to the Timberwolves at the deadline during the 2014-15 campaign. That summer, he re-signed with the team and had an agreement with Flip Saunders that he would "join the ownership group succeeding Taylor and/or being a key decision-maker in the franchise." When Saunders died that fall, Taylor reneged on the agreement.

When Charania asked Garnett about his number not yet being retired by the Timberwolves he went off:

"Glen knows where I’m at, I’m not entertaining it. First of all, it’s not genuine. Two, he’s getting pressure from a lot of fans and, I guess, the community there. Glen and I had an understanding before Flip died, and when Flip died, that understanding went with Flip. For that, I won’t forgive Glen. I won’t forgive him for that. I thought he was a straight up person, straight up business man, and when Flip died, everything went with him. There’s no reason to complain. Just continue to move on. My years in Minnesota and in that community, I cherish. At this point, I don’t want any dealings with Glen Taylor or Taylor Corp. or anything that has to do with him. I love my Timberwolves, I’ll always love my guys, I’ll always love the people who fuck with me there. I’ll always have a special place for the city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota in my heart. But I don’t do business with snakes. I don’t do business with snake mu’fuckas. I try not to do business with openly snakes or people who are snake-like."

Damn. It doesn't seem like that relationship is going to be mended any time soon.

There's a reason certain franchises never reach the top of the NBA, and this is a perfect example. Garnett is the best player who has ever worn a Timberwolves jersey, yet he wants nothing to do with the franchise. The fact that Taylor hasn't bent over backwards to accommodate Garnett and keep him happy is ridiculous. The least he could do is fulfill the agreement.

Great franchises treat their current and former players well. That's how they lure top talent to the team. Taylor doesn't get that and it's clearly held Minnesota back.

On the flip side are the Boston Celtics, who will retire Garnett's No. 5 jersey during the 2020-21 season. He only spent five years in Boston, yet they'll recognize his greatness.

It's easy to understand Garnett's frustration and why he wants nothing to do with Taylor.