Kevin Durant Engages in Twitter Back-and-Forth With Analytics Expert

Brooklyn Nets Media Day
Brooklyn Nets Media Day / Al Bello/Getty Images

Kevin Durant likely won't take the court during the 2019-20 NBA season, but he's certainly doing his homework for when he makes his return.

The Brooklyn Nets star engaged in a lively debate with basketball analytics experts Matt Moore of The Action Network, known for his statistical Twitter account Hardwood Paroxysm. Moore recently engaged in the topic of mid-range shooting, jumpstarted by Rachel Nichols' discussion with Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls.

With the analytical standpoint favoring shots from three-point range and at the rim, the mid-range shot has become a bit of a forgotten art. In the discussion, LaVine expresses a desire to take more mid-range jumpers, but Moore expounded on why this might not be the wisest strategy for the two-time Slam Dunk Champion.

That's when Durant stepped in, apparently in favor of LaVine's new outlook.

Moore begins by wishing Durant well in his recovery before defending his anti-midrange viewpoint. Durant counters by saying he's seen that passing up mid-range shots and overly relying on the three-ball has led to disaster too many times.

Moore brought numbers to his next discussion. Durant brought memes.

Durant went NSFW in a textual follow-up, this one to a fan that took a jab at Duran't perceived understanding of the Moore's stats..

The All-Star ends his side of the conversation in a bit of a compromise. While starting off on the opposite side of the arithmetic, he does acknowledge that analytics have a place in the modern game.