Kevin Durant Calls Out Shannon Sharpe For Using Fake Quote During 'Undisputed'

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant / Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Kevin Durant is once again making news after getting active on Twitter. This time around, he is rather upset with Shannon Sharpe of Undisputed.

On Monday's edition of the FOX Sports show, Sharpe and Skip Bayless discussed Durant's interview with ESPN that aired over the weekend. During this interview, Durant told Rachel Nichols that he is no longer motivated by winning titles and instead is driven to become the best possible version of himself that he can be. If that comes with rings, great. If not, Durant did everything he could and he won't lose sleep over it. This was naturally going to be a talking point, and Bayless and Sharpe obliged yesterday.

During that segment, Sharpe misquoted Durant. He claimed Durant once said that if LeBron James is the greatest player of all time, and Durant beat him in the Finals twice, what does that make Durant?

Durant did not say that. It was a fake quote circulated at some point last year. Below you can see the original graphic that made its way around Twitter and Durant's response.

Durant noticed this on Monday night and said "y'all drunk uncle out here lying again" before specifically asking Sharpe when he said this. Remember, Durant did not ever say this.

Sharpe then replied to a separate account noting that Durant once tweeted out that the NBA should get back to a more competitive balance a few years ago and that Durant has now both joined and formed his own superteams.

It is true that Durant once said that, but it is unclear what point Sharpe is trying to make. He seems to be refusing to acknowledge that he had been fooled.

Durant responded to that note demanding Sharpe answer him. Sharpe obliged.

Durant replied with perhaps a valid point that anything Sharpe says on TV, the most public forum possible, should be discussed on similarly public platforms.

Sharpe didn't engage any further, responding to Durant with this and then promptly blocking him.

It will be interesting to see if the situation is acknowledged on Undisputed at any point in the near future. For now, though, Sharpe has been outed for using a fake quote. It's a tough situation. Mistakes happen but it was his responsibility to verify whatever he's saying is actually real when speaking to a large audience, and admitting it was an error is the only way to move past without it dragging out.