Kevin Durant Does Not Care About Your Podcast, Just Don't Call Him Names

2024 NBA All-Star - Practice
2024 NBA All-Star - Practice / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Kevin Durant had a run-in with a fan on Thursday night in Dallas. As the Phoenix Suns were running onto the court ahead of their game against the Mavericks, a fan yelled "bitch," according to multiple people who were taking video at the time. This stopped Durant dead in his tracks and he turned around to confront a couple in the second row.

Just a couple of Mavs fans with full beers trying to dap up a guy who they apparently just called a mean name. If you listen closely, you'll hear the man say the word "podcast" right before Durant waves his hand dismissively and walks away. Another angle appears to show the guy told Durant that he "hosts a podcast about sports."

This is the proper reaction to have when someone tells you they have a podcast. It's also incredible timing for a clip like this after the Taylor Rooks - Joy Taylor video from yesterday.

More people should be asking themselves that question. And getting yelled at courtside by Kevin Durant certainly isn't an acceptable answer. To Durant's credit(?), he then saved this couple from getting kicked out by security.

Here's Durant after the game, continuing to be way too understanding of mouthy fans. Via the Arizona Republic:

"My thing was like, even though you called me a b---- as I'm running out with my back turned, people usually do that, call me coward, b---- with my back turned, and it wasn't too many people around," Durant said. "I know you don't mean that and I'm not going to get you kicked out because you paid your money for these tickets, you had a couple of drinks and I understand how people get, but it's better ways to try to get my attention and talk to me other than call me a b---- out my name because you're protected in these arenas."

"It's like, they don't look at us as humans sometimes. So when you get a chance to let a person know how you feel real quick, then they'll backtrack. See, we're animals, we're circus acts, we're entertainers to them instead of real people."

The guy just better hope Durant doesn't find him online.