Rapper Kash Doll Believes She Is the Real KD, Kevin Durant Disagrees

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant / Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Kevin Durant has cycled through a lot of nicknames throughout his 14-year career so far. There was the Durantula, a nod to his tangle of limbs that defined his early days in the NBA. Then there was that time he tried really hard to push The Servant as his nickname, which nobody liked and thought was kind of weird, but it stuck around for a bit because Durant wanted it to. The best, of course, was Slim Reaper, a moniker that came about when he fully realized his potential and became one of the league's most feared players on any given night.

Through it all, there was the simple and succinct KD. For some athletes, the best nickname is often just initials. Every sports fan knows who exactly you're talking about when you say KD. As much as many of us wish Slim Reaper was more popular, KD is synonymous with Durant's star profile.

Which brings us to today's topic of discussion. Detroit-based rapper Kash Doll is attempting to claim the KD nickname away from Durant. It started with an NSFW tweet in which Kash Doll referred to herself as KD. Durant responded to note that she didn't need to use those initials to get the message of the original tweet across, and that she is not, in fact, the real KD.

Kash Doll does not agree.

Unfortunately for Kash Doll, Durant has a few advantages here if we're determining the IP of KD. To start, Kash Doll is a stage name. Her real name is Arkeisha Knight. Kevin Durant's real name is Kevin Durant. Point to the basketball player. There is also the fact that Durant has been KD in the national consciousness for over a decade at this point, while Kash Doll hit the mainstream hip-hop wavelengths only a few years ago. Another point for Durant. Finally, while Kash Doll is popular enough to have a million followers on Twitter and get signed to the same label as Benny the Butcher (who is awesome), Durant's national star profile is significantly greater.

Points to Kash Doll for trying, though. Durant has been known to enjoy the occasional Twitter beef, so we'll see if he responds to her claim.