Kevin Durant Slides Into Jason McIntyre's DMs About Warriors Narrative

Kevin Durant, Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets - Game Four
Kevin Durant, Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets - Game Four / Elsa/GettyImages

Kevin Durant might be the most "online" athlete in sports history and his penchant for mixing it up on social media touched Fox Sports' Jason McIntyre this week. On his podcast, Straight Fire, McIntyre revealed Durant had slid into his DMs to discuss what the prevailing narrative will be if the Golden State Warriors win or lose a championship without him.

McIntyre was discussing Durant with a friend, who claimed the Warriors winning a title would severely tarnish the former NBA MVP's legacy. McIntyre shared the exchange in an Instagram story, commenting that the Durant slander needed to end and that he was a top 15 player all-time. He tagged Durant's IG handle in the comment.

Sure enough, Durant responded and McIntyre discussed the exchange on the podcast. We've recreated it below:

Durant: "What if Golden State lose?"
McIntyre: "Ha. Bro you know me (if you remember)"
Durant: "What's the narrative I get to push if Golden State loses?"
McIntyre: "They need you. Well said. I can take that for my podcast tomorrow, right? Why don't you join me."
Durant: "Nah"

McIntyre then said he asked Durant who he thought was going to win the Western Conference Finals between the Warriors and Dallas Mavericks, but held off on revealing Durant's prediction.

The full episode of the podcast is below:

Durant does make a solid point. If the Warriors win there will be a narrative that Golden State didn't need him to win and that he wasn't really important to the two titles the franchise won with him. But it's worth remembering the Warriors haven't won again since Durant bolted for the Brooklyn Nets in 2019.

The outcome of the postseason will likely determine how Durant is viewed in the minds of many. He seems keenly aware of that.