Kevin Durant Is the One Who Hasn't Moved on 15 Months After Leaving Oklahoma City and Russell Westbrook

By Stephen Douglas

It’s been 15 months since Kevin Durant abandoned Russell Westbrook. Batman left Robin to join the Avengers in Golden State, and Batman is still obsessed with how Robin has redecorated the Bat Cave after he moved out.

Durant is the pathetic one in this story. He has rabbit ears for anything anyone says – or puts on social media – and then responds with burner accounts.

If Westbrook is the guy who got dumped then Durant is the girl who is still  ghost following his ex’s Facebook and Instagram. That’s lame. That’s the person who won’t move on. Even worse, she wrote everything everyone said about her after the breakup on the bottom of her wedding shoes. And her new husband rightfully finds the behavior troubling. This is the kind of thing that could ruin a marriage.

Look, exes isn’t a perfect analogy. Only one team gets to win a title every season. and there are like 5 or 6 happy couples in the world. Maybe more. Westbrook and OKC are happily married.

The folks in OKC are doing great. They won 47 games last season and Westbrook won MVP and now and he and they just married Carmelo Anthony and Paul George who are ladies in this, but also men when you think about their old teams as ex-girlfriend? Also, they’re prepared to get divorced in a year. And they had to trade some family members for the new wives. Or husbands? See how weird this is when you try to flesh it out?

When it comes down to it Durant is doing dorky and petty stuff and Westbrook sees it just like we all see it. We’re all making fun of Durant, it’s just that people pay attention when Westbrook does it.