Kevin Durant Happy He Has the Power to Ruin People's Parlays

Brooklyn Nets v Charlotte Hornets
Brooklyn Nets v Charlotte Hornets / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

Sports gambling is everywhere right now. You cannot get away from it, especially if you're one of the people affecting the market. Like Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets, who scored 14 points in a win over the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday night. The Nets covered and won, but some people were not happy, perhaps because Durant's over/under for points on Tuesday was set in the high-20's.

When one gambler complained, Durant fired back on Twitter, saying: "This is for years of slander from nba fans, im grateful I have this much power now."

As excited as the NBA is about their gambling partnerships, they probably don't want one of the sport's biggest stars suggesting that he would pay attention to the lines and how he could maybe manipulate the outcomes to affect bettors. Not that a true baller like Kevin Durant would ever do that, but it's one of those things probably best left unsaid.