Kevin Durant Dunked on Marcin Gortat, and then Gortat Said Many Funny Things After the Game


Kevin Durant put an exclamation mark on a 40-point night with this facial on Marcin Gortat in the 4th quarter in Phoenix Monday. I’ll be buying this poster for my cousin later this year. I’ll probably watch this replay 27 times and then go in the driveway and practice – not the dunk, obviously – the slick dribble around an indifferent Michael Beasley. I’ll have my 22-month old son play the part of Beasley.

Here’s what Gortat told the media after the game:

"“First of all I was looking for my keys underneath the basket,” he said. “I lost them over there.” “I ain’t going to cry,” he continued. “It’s part of the game. I already knew what was going on when he took off. I didn’t even lift my hands. I just tried to get out of the picture or at least smile.” “I ain’t going to deny; that was probably one of the top three dunks of the year,” Gortat said. Gortat then turned to teammate Shannon Brown, who was dressing in the next locker. “That be right?” he asked Brown. “I would agree,” Brown said."

Also, Gortat said this:

"“What can we do? Um, I don’t know,” Phoenix center Marcin Gortat said afterward. “I am going to be silly right now, but maybe break his (Durant’s) arm, break his leg? You can’t do anything. You can double and triple him, he is still going to score. He is just amazing."

Right now, Gortat is making a serious run at being one of the funniest quotes in the NBA.