Nobody is Right in Kevin Durant-Draymond Green Twitter Argument About Stephen Curry

Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Stephen Curry
Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Stephen Curry / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Kevin Durant was once again arguing online on Tuesday evening. This time, however, he wasn't arguing with some random person. He decided to enter the arena of Twitter debate with Draymond Green, former teammate and budding media star.

Green kicked things off by posting a clip from The Draymond Green Show in which he ranted about Stephen Curry's lack of Finals MVP trophies being used as a knock against his resume. Green said that Finals MVP trophies are just the shiny objects that help people understand what's happening on the court. Anybody who tries to say that Curry isn't good in the playoffs because he doesn't have a Finals MVP does not understand basketball. Or so says Draymond.

In the middle of his monologue, Green mentioned that Curry was double-teamed much more often than Kevin Durant, coincidentally the Finals MVP for the two most recent Warriors championships. Somebody snitch-tagged and Durant responded, saying he does not believe that to be true one iota.

Green said Durant needs to get the full context, to which Durant replied that he saw the full context and still disagrees that Curry was double-teamed that much more.

As is often the case in such online debates, neither side is truly correct.

The tale of the tape shows that Green is right to think that Curry was double-teamed more than Durant. This is mostly because, during those finals, the Cavs would trap Curry when he ran the pick-and-roll so he couldn't run free and dissect the defense with either his scoring or his passing. When Durant ran pick-and-roll, Cleveland either switched or briefly hedged. They weren't afraid of Durant's passing like they were of Curry's. Durant is a good passer, Curry is a great one. Considering both are on equal footing as far as scoring goes, it was the only thing the Cavs could really do.

However! Green's overarching implication here that Curry may as well have Finals MVP awards because his mere presence on the court changes the defense doesn't feel right. Yeah, trophies are just shiny objects so that me, a dumb person, can grasp who made the biggest impact on the game in a boiled-down manner, but Durant was really good during those Finals! He averaged 35 points per game while shooting 50/40/90 from the floor in 2017. He was worse in 2018 but made the shots that paved the way for the title.

Green's point about Curry's lack of Finals MVPs is obviously correct. No person with brains would think that Curry was carried to his championships just because he didn't win MVP for the series. No sane person thinks it's a knock against his greatness. But Durant didn't get the awards by default because the opposing defense ignored him.

Nuance, people! But that's what makes Green such a natural for sports media. Who cares about nuance when Kevin Durant is responding to your tweet?