Kevin Durant Shoots Down Myth About Draymond Green's Call After 2016 NBA Finals

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green
Kevin Durant and Draymond Green / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

One of the more amusing and popular myths that permeates NBA culture concerns how, exactly, Kevin Durant was recruited by the Golden State Warriors during the 2015-16 NBA Finals. Rumor has it that Draymond Green, distraught after his team blew a 3-1 lead to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, called Durant from the parking lot immediately after the Game 7 loss to bring him onboard.

I hate to be Debbie Downer, but unsurpsingly, that isn't exactly how it happened. Or even close, really. Green appeared on Durant's podcast today for a lengthy conversation that included telling co-host Eddie Gonzalez how it went down on their end:

Durant: "I heard a couple stories. From my end, we sent some texts. 'I seen that. You seen that? Aight, bet.' That's really what it was, bro. It wasn't no urgent FaceTime call. It was like I said. 'You seen that? Aight. I'm on my way.'"

Green: "It was this whole narrative of like, 'You called Kevin crying from the parking lot!' I'm like, y'all added a theatrical sense to make this sh*t a movie. You gotta make sh*t for TV. You gotta add on a little. People just started pouring on, bro. But I wasn't about to come out and fight it."

Durant went on to publicly state that he and Green were not, in fact hanging out during the 2016 Western Conference Finals, as apparently is the popular rumor around Oklahoma City. In fact, Green said he and his teammates were turned away by restaurants in the area because they were told Durant and Russell Westbrook were supposed to show up later.

So, there you have it, folks. Sad but true.