Kevin Durant Cursed Out Kendrick Perkins Via Text After Saying He Got 'Punked' by Celtics

Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins
Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Once upon a time not so long ago, Kendrick Perkins was suiting up alongside Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City. A decade later, Durant is still decimating defenses (albeit in Brooklyn instead of OKC) and Perkins has carved out a space in the sports media world to occupy as his second career. From all accounts, the two remain friends, but it doesn't stop Perkins from criticizing Durant when the moment calls for it.

The former center did just that during Durant's bad playoff series against the Boston Celtics, going on First Take and declaring for all to hear that the Celtics "punked" Durant in Game 1. Anybody who watched the game would find it hard to disagree, given Boston was able to bother the former MVP to an extent few have over the years and limited him to 23 points on 9-of-23 shooting. Still, it was not exactly flattering analysis and Perkins apparently got an earful after his segment.

Appearing on Andrew Marchand and John Ourand's podcast, Perkins explained how he looked at his phone after he said Durant got punk'd and had a couple of texts from KD himself. There were many curse words-- but at the end, Durant admitted Perkins was right.

It's hard to decide what's funnier-- the fact that Big Perk barely got to a commercial break before KD started blowing up his phone or that, after numerous choice words, Durant admitted his former teammate had a point.

Great interview by Marchand and Ourand and a tremendous soundbite from Perkins.