Kevin Durant Calls Out Chris Broussard in Twitter Rant


Man, Kevin Durant just can’t help himself. The superstar, oft criticized for his habits on social media, fired back at Chris Broussard on Monday via Twitter. Broussard said Durant’s worst nightmare was having the general public discount his two rings because of the team around him. Durant didn’t think that was anywhere near his worst nightmare, and let Broussard know.

Pretty good point by KD, honestly. Discounted rings still count as rings. His worst nightmare probably revolves around some type of horrible injury or death, like most of us mere mortals.

Durant isn’t above it all, though, and had some self-aware fun with an angry tweeter who said he was too soft to handle anything.

While it’s a funny tweet, the original user called Durant sensitive for responding to a Broussard tweet, which… I mean, he’s not wrong. At least Durant is tweeting from his own account this time.

It’s easy for us to sit back and say Durant should ignore all the personal attacks and criticisms that pundits throw at him. All I’ll say is that life would probably be a lot easier for Durant if he didn’t have a Twitter account.