Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Argued on Sidelines as Thunder's Lead Dwindled

Ryan Glasspiegel

" Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook argue on the sidelines — gifdsports (@gifdsports) May 3, 2016 "

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook arguing on the sidelines is the type of thing that will be nothing if the Thunder pull out the game, and something if they do not. Leading San Antonio 85-76 midway through the fourth quarter, OKC gave up two quick three-pointers to Danny Green, and the lead evaporated to three points. The Thunder called timeout, and the scene above happened.

At press time, the Thunder have a three-point lead with a little over a minute remaining.

UPDATE: The Thunder jusssssssst held on by the skin of their teeth, 98-97, so this exchange probably won’t be A Thing tomorrow.