Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving Allegedly 'Debating' Who Would Sign with Knicks First

Bobby Burack

According to the Athletics’s Frank Isola, some executives and player agents are so confident both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are coming to Knicks that one said the debate is actually now who signs first. Why does that matter? To not be been seen as the follower, of course:

"“So sure are some executives and player agents of a Durant-Irving pairing in New York that one agent told The Athletic that Durant and Irving are debating on who will sign first. Why is that important? The player that is signed second is viewed as the follower, not the leader.”"

Isola earlier said the belief is Durant will only join the Knicks if another high-level free agent comes with him.

Durant and Irving are two of the hardest NBA players to get a read on, let alone to predict what decision they will make. With that said, one would be in for quite a task to make the case that all these reporters are insiders are getting false information. Especially when it comes to Durant. At this point, the Durant-to-the-Knicks rumors have surpassed the LeBron-to-the-Lakers rumors a year ago in terms of volume of statements and rumors. The strongest thus far comes via Ric Bucher calling this thing a “done deal” on The Herd.

It should be noted, it’s strange that majority of the tier 1 NBA insiders have stayed away from confidently saying Durant will be a Knick next season (Chris Haynes, who is on that tier, said there is “very good shot“). So, it may not be 100 percent just yet. But it seems to be heading that way.

We are getting closer to an actual decision, be safe out there.