Kevin Durant and Draymond Green Called Out the Doubters on IG Live

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

At times this summer, Team USA looked entirely beatable and prospects of a fourth consecutive gold medal didn't seem entirely bright. Last month, inexplicable back-to-back exhibition losses to Nigeria and Australia invited questions, as did an Olympics-opening defeat at the hands of France. But Kevin Durant simply would not allow the Americans to come home with anything but the highest honors. The superstar poured in 29 points to cap an incredible Tokyo run late last night as the USA defeated those pesky French in the tournament finale.

Durant is now a three-time gold medalist. A new type of American hero. As he's wont to do, Durant wasted no time between excelling on the court and excelling online. Here he is right after the final buzzer on Instagram Live, letting the haters and doubters have it.

Draymond Green helpfully came in hot mentioning Kendrick Perkins by name. And Green is rarely so soft-spoken! Weird.

We'll have to check the archives, but this is likely the angriest anyone has ever been about Olympic basketball power rankings. A thing many didn't know existed.

Still, all motivation matters and Durant knows how to fuel himself and others. Ultimate respect to him and may he continue to talk his shit.

UPDATE: Perkins saw this and decided to respond.