Kevin Durant and CJ McCollum Working Through Some Stuff Online Right Now

Kyle Koster

Brace yourself for an astonishingly Millennial few sentences here. Kevin Durant was a guest on CJ McCollum’s Pull Up podcast on Wednesday. The NBA stars discussed their feelings and worked on some stuff.

But not all the stuff. Now they are sorting through their issues — which may be overblown, of course — online. McCollum was asked by Dan Katz, co-host of Pardon My Take (yes, another podcast figures into this, I told you to hang on tight) if it was appropriate to use the “b word” in reference to Durant.

It seems what we have here is a classic case of mistaken analogies. McCollum made a very apt one, while Durant’s hypothetical one was a bit shaky. This is why analogies should only be used when absolutely necessary. Using them gratuitously would be like, well, like something.

As with all situations playing out on Twitter, it’s difficult to know just how serious each party is taking this. But, hey, it’s late July and this is the sports news, take it or leave it.