SEC Nation's Alyssa Lang Tries Out Will Levis' Method of Eating Bananas

Alyssa Lang and a rather ripe banana
Alyssa Lang and a rather ripe banana /

College football is back and with it came the assortment of bizarre antics unique to NCAAF we all missed dearly. SEC Nation's Alyssa Lang contributed her own entry today during the Kentucky-UL Monroe game.

Whilst on the sideline, Lang brought out a very ripe banana she brought with her to the Wildcats' Kroger Field. She then chomped into the side of it. Without peeling a thing. Just took a bite out of the side.

While this is undoubtedly psychotic, there is a reason for it. A few weeks ago, UK quarterback Will Levis made waves when he created a TikTok demonstrating that he eats bananas just like that.

Utter insanity. People these days, man. As Matchbox 20 said over a decade ago, it's the end of the world as we know it.

Levis, though, may be good enough to justify eating a banana however the hell he likes. He went 18-of-26 for 367 yards and four TDs with a pick in Kentucky's opening game of the season, a tidy 14.7 yards per completion. If he keeps that up, this will not be the end of the Banana Narrative in sports media. Not even close.