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Kentucky Sports Radio Writer Says NCAA Made Him Delete Video of Gregg Marshall's Wife's Behavior


Kentucky and Wichita State played a heated matchup this afternoon for a berth in next weekend’s Sweet 16. By multiple accounts, WSU coach Gregg Marshall’s wife, Lynn, was profoundly animated in her fanhood.

Drew Franklin, a writer for the popular Kentucky fan site Kentucky Sports Radio, tweeted a since-deleted video of her saying she was “LIT.” Franklin wrote on the site:

Someone from the NCAA came and got my name and told me I could no longer tweet about her because “it made her upset.” I guess it didn’t make anyone else upset when she told Malik Monk to get in the weight room or told Isaiah Briscoe to buy some bigger shorts or told Calipari to “shut the f-ck up” or told Roger Ayers he is garbage or any of the other classy things she yelled between F-bombs. The poor security guard made multiple attempts to calm her down before calling for help and then deciding “we have to be delicate because she is the coach’s wife.”

As an explanation for why he deleted the video, Franklin tweeted that “NCAA guys stood over me and made me delete the tweet. I’m sure they’re reading this. I plan to tweet it again as soon as I leave here.”

[UPDATE (in the minutes after the Wichita State loss7:40 E.T.): The AP reports the Lynn Marshall was “asked to leave” the stands by a security guard.]

As noted by The Spun, Kennedy Hardman, a reporter for the ABC affiliate WTVQ in Lexington, tweeted a series of observations about Ms. Marshall’s behavior, including a video:

Wichita Eagle photographer Travis Heying shared some fun photos of prominent college basketball journalists in her vicinity:

We will update this story if there are any further developments.

UPDATE: Franklin has now uploaded the video to his story. The video does show Lynn Marshall to be very animated, but does not in and of itself show any of her behavior to be inappropriate.