Kentucky Will Not Be Found in the AP Top 25 Anytime Soon

John Calipari
John Calipari / Jason Miller/Getty Images

It's a strange year and it is hard to keep track of everything that isn't as it should be, since nothing is as it should be. That's a confusing way to say that so many aspects of life have gone off the rails that nothing surprises us anymore.

I would argue, however, that Kentucky has been a big surprise this year. Because they are bad. Like, really bad. John Calipari's squad entered the year with one of the top recruits in this year's class, a guard by the name of BJ Boston. The quality of his name (high) has not been reflected in his play (average) and the rest of the team has been downright terrible.

The Wildcats, a perennial college basketball powerhouse alongside such programs as Duke and Kansas, have started the 2020-21 season 1-6. One win in the first seven games. One! Losses to the University of Richmond and Georgia Tech. They lost to No. 7 Kansas and No. 22 UN and even unranked Notre Dame. The lowest of lows arrived today when Kentucky dropped their rivalry game against Louisville, 62-59.

Kentucky's only win came in their opening game against Moorehead State, for all that's worth. They're averaging 65 points per game (305th in the country) and merely 11 assists per contest (310th in the country). It's been an abjectly awful opening seven games.

So, yeah. Anybody wondering where Kentucky is on the Top 25 lists has their answer: nowhere close! There is very little Kentucky can do to crawl back into ranked consideration barring an absurd win streak. Anything can happen, especially this year, but that doesn't feel all too likely.

Kentucky is bad. For the first time in a long time, they truly stink. Calipari obviously isn't in any jeopardy, but it has to be extremely disappointing considering this roster isn't lacking talent.