Kenny Hill Doesn't Have a Working Phone or Cable TV, But He's in the Heisman Race


Kenny Hill, the latest undersized QB under the guidance of coach Kevin Sumlin to post astronomical numbers, is an interesting college kid. Forget for a moment that Hill got arrested for public intoxication in March – police found him sleeping in a planter full of rocks and plants, and when asked who the President was, he said “Bush” –  and that his father is a former MLB pitcher who spent 14 years in the MLB and was the NL Cy Young runner up in 1994.

This is why Hill, who went from unknown to Heisman contender in about three hours, is fascinating:

"Hill said his phone has been broken and his house in College Station doesn’t yet have cable, so he’s been disconnected from all the hype so far. He added that might not be such a bad thing."

Is Kenny Hill the only 19-year old college kid in the country with no phone or cable? I would guess yes.

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