Kenny Chesney Concert Goers at Lambeau Field Were Drunken Debacles


Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean took their talents to Lambeau Field on Saturday. Chesney’s concerts have been known for ruckuses and grass destruction at football stadiums in the past. Last night, Doug Schneider of the Green Bay Press Gazette live-tweeted the police scanner, as he does for each Packers home game.

This is a curated selection, and there were many more incidents that could have plausibly made the cut. It’s worth noting that this was not indicative of all the revelers in attendance, but damn if it wasn’t a whole lot of them! Nevertheless, Aaron Nagler of SI and the great Packers blog CheeseheadTV made the salient point that it’s hilarious that the franchise was alright with this concert at Lambeau, but not a Brett Favre charity flag football game.

And … exhale. Give Doug a follow for football season.

[Display image via Kenny Chesney]