Kendrick Perkins Would Not Be Surprised if Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Reunited in OKC


The Warriors just swept the Jazz out of the playoffs to run their postseason record to 8-0 with an averaging scoring margin of 127* points per game. With LeBron and the Cavs also having swept their semifinal matchup, it’s going to be slim pickings to find NBA topics this week.

SO THANK YOU, KENDRICK PERKINS! The former OKC center had this to say on TNT tonight:

“The night that Russ actually broke the record, I had text KD the next day […] and he said ‘Hey man, me and Russ had a nice conversation the other day.’ They’re back on talking terms, put their differences apart. And I wouldn’t be surprised if KD went back to Oklahoma cause, in my opinion, Russ isn’t going nowhere.”

Here’s the full video.

Personally, I can’t see it happening. They cannot afford Kevin Durant, not the way the roster is currently set up. For starters, they’d have to unload Enes Kanter and Victor Oladipo. Who is taking those contracts? And why would Durant, who enjoyed his finest defensive season ever, and offensively was his most efficient, go back to playing with Westbrook?

Also, it isn’t the first time Perkins has said something like this. He told the Okahoman the same in February. Yawn.

This sounds like complete nonsense. But it did remind everyone that Kendrick Perkins is still alive!

* Not really. Just 16.3 ppg.