Serge Ibaka Puts Kendrick Perkins on Blast For Age Joke

Milwaukee Bucks Media Day
Milwaukee Bucks Media Day / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

On Monday's episode of First Take, Kendrick Perkins took a shot at former teammate Serge Ibaka, implying he was much older than listed. Ibaka did not take kindly to that remark and shot back forcefully.

Here is Perkins, discussing the wealth of talent the Oklahoma City Thunder had in the early 2010s. He mentions how young everyone was, then basically says Ibaka was likely much older than his listed 21 years of age.

Ibaka was not happy and decided to rip Perkins and shine a light on his behavior when they were teammates. He accused Perk of "breaking the locker room code" by spreading lies about Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. It got a bit ugly.

Perkins responded by claiming it was just a joke.

Perkins continued, firing back at Ibaka with more accusations.

I doubt these two will be sending each other Christmas cards in 2023. This kind of drama is why the NBA rules.