Kendall Jenner And Lakers' Jordan Clarkson Either "Secretly Dating" Or "Secretly Hooking Up"


Multiple gossip magazines are reporting there is something going on between Kendall Jenner and Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson.

US Weekly reports the pair are secretly hooking up. Jenner was wearing leather pants so obviously something was afoot.

Jenner, clad in leather pants and a maroon bomber jacket, was spotted laughing alongside Clarkson in the backseat of an SUV when they arrived together. The two made a point to exit the venue separately.

People was a bit more demure,  reporting Jenner and Clarkson are “secretly dating.”

“They have been secretly dating for months and they are super into each other,” a source reveals. “He is super sweet and a total gentleman and Kendall loves that.”

If you’re looking for the leak, Kendall, it’s probably your friend who is super into using the word “super” or your publicist.