Ken Rosenthal Has Pivoted to Video, Hopes to Resume Writing Soon

Kyle Koster

Ken Rosenthal’s role at Fox Sports appears to changed over the past few weeks as the company shifts the focus of their website away from writing and pivots to embrace video content. The veteran writer’s last column was published on June 26 and it is unclear when the next one will come, if at all.

Rosenthal, who also serves as the field reporter for MLB on Fox, is now facing the challenge faced by college football writers Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel: the absence of an editorial home. Mandel left Fox as his contract expired. Feldman is staying on as a field reporter with a larger on-camera role.

UPDATE: Feldman announced moments ago he’ll be writing for Sports Illustrated.

Rosenthal last week was asked if he’d published his last piece at Fox Sports. He didn’t have an answer.

Over the weekend, Rosenthal promoted three videos on his account: one on Giancarlo Stanton’s future, one on the trade market as a whole, and a postgame interview with Houston’s Carlos Correa.

There were some hiccups.

This, of course, is not Rosenthal’s fault nor is it necessarily a significant problem. All websites have hiccups. But as baseball heads into its most active month with the trade deadline approaching, unfettered access to one of the game’s most tapped-in reporters would seem like a plus.

Rosenthal was once again asked about his shift to video-only content this morning and expressed a desire to resume writing.

UPDATE: Rosenthal has confirmed he is no longer writing for the site as it’s shifted to video.

If not, a logical landing spot would be on Major League Baseball’s official site. Rosenthal is already an insider for MLB Network where he appears across a variety of shows.

Taking the pen out of Rosenthal’s hands is a perplexing decision considering his three decades of stellar work. He is clearly interested in putting words on paper again. When and where that will be, though, remains to be seen.