Kelvin Benjamin Was a Jerk to Josh Allen

By Henry McKenna

Kelvin Benjamin’s lack of productivity makes even more sense. The Buffalo Bills receiver was a jerk to quarterback Josh Allen during warm ups for Sunday’s game.

Allen, a rookie, approached Benjamin, a five-year veteran, before the Buffalo Bills game against the Houston Texans in Week 6, and asked if the receiver wanted to work on routes during warm up. Benjamin said no.

Rude. Lazy. Benjamin seems to be on the same trajectory as Vontae Davis (who retired at halftime during a game ealier this season).

In the Bills offense, which is second worst in yards per game and worst in points per game, Benjamin has eight receptions for 103 yards and one touchdown. He’s been dealing with an ugly string of quarterback play so far this season, which would have a solid excuse for failing to put up production — until this happened.

Allen may be struggling this season (53.3 completion percentage, 748 passing yards, two touchdowns, five interceptions), but he is the future of the organization for the time being. Benjamin should be taking Allen under his wing and working to get on the same page as the young quarterback. Extra work on route-running would be an ideal way to get that done.

This wouldn’t be the first time Benjamin failed to get along with his quarterback. He ripped Cam Newton on Benjamin‘s way out of Carolina, and seemingly refused to reconcile his difference with Newton despite some effort from Newton to patch things up.

Benjamin may be just as tired of Buffalo as he was of Carolina. Perhaps a trade or a release could be on the horizon. Maybe Benjamin would get along better with Dak Prescott.