Kelsey Wingert Was Let Go By the Braves, and Fans Are Furious

Kelsey Wingert, center, doing a postgame interview.
Kelsey Wingert, center, doing a postgame interview. / Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Fox Sports South has decided to part ways with sideline reporter Kelsey Wingert, according to The Athletic. It's a move no one seems to understand, as Wingert was a popular part of Atlanta Braves broadcasts.

The Braves make decisions when it comes to their broadcasts, so this was their call. The decision to remove Wingert actually came in December and some in the organization were informed of the decision. Wingert wasn't told until later.

Fans and fellow reporters have questioned the decision. Check out some of the backlash against the decision on Twitter:

Fans are so upset they've already started a petition to reverse the decision. I doubt that's going to work.

The odd thing here is how the Braves finally let this slip during spring training. Shouldn't this have been publicly announced months ago? It makes no sense to sit on this news for so long.

Fans are clearly not happy and it appears Wingert's media colleagues are questioning the decision as well.