Keith Olbermann Took Some Subtle - and Not So Subtle - Jabs at ESPN's Tim Tebow Coverage

By Jason McIntyre

Keith Olbermann, Tim Tebow, tulips, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds and a few shots at the Worldwide Leader. This is why Keith Olberman’s new ESPN show – the smartest show on the network, right there with Outside the Lines – has already become a must-DVR for me.

Olberman’s opening segment Tuesday was about Tim Tebow, with none of the hackneyed trite you’re used to. I invite you to read between the lines here (this from the opening minute).

"“He will be the textbook example, studied by journalism students for centuries to come, how major sports news operations, could, without exterior provocation, get so deep into the self-inflating souffle that is hyping the irrelevant, that they could damage their own reputations and never really realize it nor swerve out of it, nor really have to swerve out of it, because no matter how silly the hype got and how much the organizations got criticized for it, the readers kept reading and the viewers kept viewing.”"

He even paused after that so you could take it all in. (He’s talking about ESPN, again!)

Not enough for you? Fast-forward to 3:20 for self-deprecating, self-aware Keith Olbermann. And then fast-forward to 5:44 for a couple mentions of this website (specifically, this piece by Ty Duffy).

The most comical dig at ESPN’s coverage of Tebow happens around 6:23, and even network President John Skipper will laugh.

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