Keith Olbermann to Costa Rica: Leave Bob Ley Alone!

By Mike Cardillo

Keith Olbermann opened his ESPN late night show Thursday night talking, yup, the U.S./Costa Rica soccer rivalry. The end is surely nigh!

Costa Rica has spent the week trying to make the U.S. uncomfortable during its stay in San Jose. The word “gamesmanship” has been tossed around with the frequency of Miley Cyrus changing her hairstyle. Somebody in a cow outfit tried to disrupt Jurgen Klinsmann’s press conference. Eggs have been thrown. Late-night parties outside the U.S. hotel have been staged. Costa Rica has opened the doors to its National Stadium eight hours before kickoff.

One thing you don’t do, is take Bob Ley to task, as a Costa Rican news outlet did earlier in the week. That’s the third rail and it set Olbermann off on a quality rant, including this line:

“You do whatever you think you have to do to Landon Donovan because you guys are afraid of snow but if you dare, if you dare go after our Bob Ley you’re going to have to come through me first, got it!”

Go get ’em Keith!

(Reminder, the game is on beIN Sport, rather than ESPN.)

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