Keith Olbermann Sums Up the Drop in World Series Ratings Better Than Anyone [UPDATE]

By Jason McIntyre

For years I’ve been writing about how World Series ratings have sagged over the last few decades (see here, here and here), Keith Olbermann has done in five minutes what it has taken me hours and far too much bandwidth to do. So watch this video.

If the World Series or TV ratings aren’t your thing, there’s also Doogie Howser, MD reference.

The 2013 Game One overnight ratings are in … and they’re strong. Well, stronger than last year: a 9.4 overnight rating (peaked in the second inning before Boston ran away and hide). If you like comparisons, the awful Monday Night game between the Giants and Vikings had a 9.5 overnight rating.

[UPDATE: The final numbers are in for Game 1 – 8.6 rating, and 14.4 million viewers. Which is up significantly from last year’s Game 1.]

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