Keith Olbermann Ripped Apart Pete Prisco's Concussion Settlement Column

Kyle Koster

Two days ago, CBS Sports football columnist Pete Prisco wrote a column suggesting former NFL players are undeserving of the league’s $765 million concussion settlement.

"I just got off the phone with my attorney. Why? I had a concussion playing 115-pound football and another in high school. Back then — not leather helmet days but close — they just called it getting your bell rung and stuck some nasty crap in front of your nose, and told you to go back into the game. So I am suing. Why not? I might get an extra $100,000 or so for my bank account. The precedent has been set. The NFL settled Thursday with a group of players filing concussion lawsuits to the tune of $765 million. So why not go after the high schools? Pop Warner? Colleges? And maybe even those two-hand touch games set up by our dads?"

Predictably, many dissenting voices rose in response. But none was as compelling as Keith Olbermann, who aired a thorough takedown of Prisco’s column last night.  It was arresting, thought-provoking and something ESPN should be applauded for airing.

[Keith Olbermann]