Keith Olbermann Eviscerates GQ's 'Worst Franchises of All-Time' List

By Mike Cardillo

Earlier this week GQ published a list of 20 teams which it dubbed “The Worst Franchises of All-Time.” It’s a very strange group that includes World Series winners like the Pittsburgh Pirates, mixed alongside long-forgotten squads like the Detroit Wheels, Indianapolis Racers and Providence Steamrollers. As a kicker, every single Cleveland franchise shares the No. 1 spot.

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann took major exception to the list, naming its author his “worst person in the sports world” on Thursday night’s ESPN2 show.

It brought out the best in Olbermann, as he sneered about the “sideshow” author Rob Tannenbaum put together. Olbermann’s keen historical mind comes into play here, rattling off how Jim Brown played for the Browns (when they were a dominant team) and how the Jets helped usher in the NFL/AFL merger.

Counterpoint: you could argue drawing attention to the list only helps GQ since people will seek it out and people like me are posting about it. Guess it’s another Internet win-win. (Win-win-win?)

Either way, it should be fun when Keith sits in to host the TBS postseason baseball coverage starting next week.

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