Keith Olbermann Drills PFWA For Being "Appalled" And "Affronted" About Marshawn Lynch

By Ty Duffy

Marshawn Lynch does not speak to the media. He did not wish to speak to the media during Media Day. The Professional Football Writers of America released a statement, asserting they were “appalled” and “affronted” by Lynch not wishing to spend an entire hour being peppered with questions. Keith Olbermann obliterated it.

"During this appalling affront of spending just 15 minutes with the media over the last two days, Marshawn Lynch explained everything you need to know about him and why he doesn’t talk and why none of this matters to the public, which the writers think is hanging on their every quotation of his, every word. That’s a hell of a story. You can’t get a column out of that? I just did."

Yes, many reporters do depend on access to players to make a living. No, getting Marshawn Lynch’s thoughts on inane topics or even salient football points does not constitute a public service. Covering football is entertainment reporting.

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