Keith Olbermann Debuts Worst Mike Francesa Impression Ever, Escalates Feud with WFAN

By Mike Cardillo

Keith Olbermann just won’t stop his pissing match with New York’s WFAN radio. It all began earlier this week when he took shots at the station’s morning duo – Boomer & Carton.

Thursday, a couple callers brought up Olbermann’s diss to WFAN’s biggest fish, Mike Francesa. In turn, Francesa called Olbermann a jerk, laughed at his ratings and mocked him for having eight jobs in the last five years. Make note, Francesa didn’t mention Olbermann until callers brought it up and seems to care less what the ESPN host thinks.

Meanwhile, Olbermann engaged with the fake Mike Francesa Twitter account Thursday afternoon. Perhaps nobody on Keith’s staff has informed him there will be a man on Mars before Francesa joins “Twittah.”

The pissing contest continued Thursday night on Olbermann’s show, which was preempted by the Galaxy/Real Salt Lake MLS playoff game and bumped to ESPNEWS. Olbermann mocked Francesa for not getting his facts straight, noting that nobody cares about ratings in New York. Of course, Francesa continues to blow ESPN Radio New York’s ratings out of the water and was recently crowned No. 1 atop the Talker’s ranking of sports talk radio hosts, just ahead of Olbermann’s other target — Boomer & Carton. 

Olbermann also unveiled one of the worst Francesa impressions the world has ever seen, losing him major points. Michael Scott probably could have done a better job. Olbermann comes off sounding like a third-rate New Jersey toll booth operator circa 1982. There is a borderline cottage industry of people joking around in a mock Francesa accent in the Tri-State area, so Olbermann’s attempt misses the mark completely.

Odds are Francesa himself isn’t paying attention to anything Olbermann has said about him, but the ESPN host did cross one line that might invoke the wrath of the Sports Pope. Olbermann had the balls to label Francesa as a “side kick” to former partner Chris Russo of ‘Mike & the Mad Dog’ fame. You can say a lot about Francesa but he is nobody’s sidekick, ok.

As Francesa said years ago, if you’re going to come after him, “you bettah bring more than a pea shootah.”

It’s on.

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