Keith Olbermann Blasted the Media, But You Know He Was Talking about ESPN, Right?

By Jason McIntyre

“Reporting is dead – long live making something out of nothing” – Keith Olbermann, during the debut of his new show Monday on ESPN2.

If you listen really closely – and digest the rest of the show, especially when Olbermann spoke about the media, or joked with Mark Cuban about ESPN being the “A-Rod Network” – you might recognize the message he’s subtly sending you.

He was talking about ESPN, dropping bread crumbs throughout the show, leading you right to the recent PBS fiasco without actually mentioning it. Not everyone picked it up initially.

Text from a non-ESPN media member who shall remain nameless: “The Keith Olbermann show was exceptional tonight. That’s intellectually stimulating television at its finest in sports.”

Given the current sports TV landscape, it’s hard to argue against that.

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