Keith Olbermann and Jason Whitlock, Two Key Voices at NFL Broadcast Partner ESPN, Have Called for Roger Goodell's Resignation

By Jason Lisk

ESPN is showcasing a doubleheader on Monday Night Football tonight in the league’s opening weekend. Hours earlier, two of the larger voices in the ESPN family formed their own doubleheader, making the case for Roger Goodell to resign over the mishandling of the Ray Rice investigation.

Olbermann did so on his show (now airing earlier in the evening), calling out everyone involved along the way, from prosecutors and the judge, to the Ravens front office decision makers, to Goodell and other key NFL figures in the above video.

Whitlock called out Goodell for getting burned by his own ego in taking on the role of punishment czar:

"This is incompetence at a confidence-shaking level. I’ve argued from the outset of the NFL’s personal-conduct policy in 2007 that Goodell made a huge mistake appointing himself the czar of discipline. By doing so, by playing to the crowd that clamored for public NFL discipline of private matters, he put himself at odds with the league’s players, turned up the spotlight on off-the-field issues and placed himself in a situation that leads to where we are today."

I’ll say this: this story isn’t going away after one day because the NFL claims not to have seen the video, Baltimore suddenly found it necessary to release Rice, and Goodell had a change of heart about the length of suspension. And it is a pretty bold statement that ESPN personalities are coming out this strongly against Goodell while their key product is airing tonight.