Keith Hernandez Called Jazz Chisholm 'Chaz Jizzem' During a Spring Training Broadcast

Miami Marlins Photo Day
Miami Marlins Photo Day / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Jazz Chisholm Jr. has a unique name that has a certain lyrical quality to it. It is unlikely that SNY's Keith Hernandez is the first person to get tongue-tied saying Chisholm's name out loud, but you couldn't do a better job inadvertently inventing a completely different name as Hernandez did when he called him "Chaz Jizzem" on Saturday.

In Hernandez's defense, it was the first game of the season. Everyone is working to get ready for the regular season and that includes the announcers who haven't called a game in months.

Chisholm, who just turned 25 earlier this month, was an All-Star second baseman last year, but will be moving to center for the Miami Marlins this season. Perhaps a cool new name is also in order and Hernandez was just getting the ball rolling.