Keith Hernandez Has a Very Busy Day Ahead of Him

Kyle Koster

Rise and shine, he’s Keith Hernandez and he definitely knows the first thing about self-promotion. The New York Mets television analyst and cat enthusiast has booked himself solid today in the hopes of drumming up interest in his memoir.

He’ll appropriately begin with Get Up at 7:40 a.m. and wrap with Watch What Happens Live at 11 p.m. In between he’ll be everywhere. Like, if you have a radio show, podcast, or even manage a mall food court, keep your head on a swivel because Hernandez may just show up today.

This is a guy who hasn’t gotten complacent, even though he was in Game Six. Heck, he’ll probably pitch you personally if you give him a ride to the airport so he can begin his inevitable whistle-stop tour.